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Why Do Fishermen Fish?
by Al Trevino
Katy, Texas

I once had a friend from work ask me the same question that a friend in college brought to my attention, which is the same inquiry another friend in high school once asked me, which is the same query a teacher in grade school made many, many moons ago… and that question was as plain, simple, and basic as any question could get -- WHY DO YOU FISH?  Well, I soon realized that a simple, "Because it's fun" didn't quite cut the mustard.  I mean, who on earth would believe that waking up sometime between midnight and the crack of dawn to sit in blazing heat, frigid cold, and everything in between just to cast a line repeatedly into an open body of water in hopes of catching a smelly, slimy animal of prehistoric qualities is actually FUN?  So I then resorted to the standard, "It provides food as well."  Yeah, so does driving through the window of McDonald's and ordering a filet-o-fish.  So there went that explanation.  So over the years, I've tried to think of the exact reason as to why people like myself like to fish so much.  Is it in our blood?  Is there a chromosome somewhere in our genetic makeup that's in the shape of a bent fishing rod?  What exactly is it about fishing that drives us to such extremes?  Well, in thinking of that one reason over the past several years, I went through several other experiences and occurences that just about sums up exactly why we do the things that we do….  Why Do Fishermen Fish?  Well, read on and discover my "Top 20 Reasons as to Why Fishermen Fish"…..

20.  A day on the water means a day out of the office.

19.  How else is an honest husband gonna get a chance to lie to his wife?  (For clarification, lying on about the size of fish, and not about actually going fishing!)

18.  It's a reason for old men to play in the water.

17.  Nothing like knowing exactly where your dinner came from.

16.  Of all the things that go good with a cold beer, fishing has the least amount of calories.

15.  High dollar Hollywood-tan skin is a mere by-product of our outings.

14.  Land a 30 lb. redfish, and you'll understand.

13.  Lose a 10 lb. trout, and you'll REALLY understand!

12.  A fisherman with no fish still has a smile on his face.

11.  A fisherman with a stringer full has an even bigger one!

10.  We all need a reason to cash in on sick days.

9.  Just another way for men (and women) to compete.

8.  It's therapy if you need it, and just a plain ol' good time if you don't.

7.  Redfish on the half-shell drizzled with butter.

6.  It keeps me thinking of Dad.

5.  I can't remember a single time when I pulled a muscle while playing this sport.

4.  What better way to maintain contact with your old friends.

3.  What better way to make some new friends.

2.  Somebody's gotta keep Bass Pro Shops and Academy in business.

And finally -- the number one reason as to "Why Fishermen Fish"…..

1.  Mark 6:41-42  "...and He divided the two fish among them all.  And all ate and were filled."

So next time someone asks you "Why do you fish?", all you have to do is smile and say, "It's all in the Backlash, baby.  It's all in the Backlash…"

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