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August 22, 2002
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In the Bay

Today is the full moon! Fishing has been slow, but tide action will be great this week. Your best BITE will be midday - remember to watch the tidal flow around the bayous and marsh on an incoming/outgoing tide - and be where the fish are lying in wait for the bait as it moves with the tide. Get em on the BITE!

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Mike Lane's World Wide Fishing and Hunting

The Gulf's premiere source for Fishing and Hunting information like reports, pictures, tides, articles, news, GPS waypoints, classifieds, and more! Actually covers the area of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

The biggest Speckled Trout caught on the coast of Texas was in Baffin Bay in 1996 - it weighed 13.69 lb. and was 33.13 inches long. The largest one on IGFA records for the whole world was caught in 1995 in Fort Pierce, Florida and weighed 17 lb.7 ounces. FYI, the record for East Matagorda Bay is held by Mark Idoux, who caught a 10.9 lb. 31-inch speckled trout on 01/20/99 on a rod and reel.

Why is fishing sometimes called angling?
You use a hook, or angle, to catch fish as opposed to a net or your hands.

Are all fish edible?
Most kinds encountered by anglers are. The organs of some species are always poisonous to man; other fish can become toxic because of elements in their diets. The latter are most often from tropical regions of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


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Redfish Tails

Hi, Guys!

The Ladies' Hooker Tournament is coming up this weekend for offshore. Tournament headquarters is at Skipper's Bait and Tackle - checkin is on Friday at 5 p.m. and fishing begins on Saturday at 6 a.m. with a weigh-in deadline of 7 p.m. This tournament is for kingfish with a side pot for the largest non-category fish.

It looks like the wind is going to be blowing out of the southeast and the south for most of the week and should be around 10 mph or less. There's always our usual chance of thunderstorms popping up unexpectedly so be on the lookout for that.

Surf fishing should prove to be good this week - I think the trout will be partial to live bait - like shrimp under a popping cork or croaker.

Offshore may be a busy spot this weekend with the offshore Hookers Tournament going on. If you're looking for kings, find a shrimp boat culling and cleaning the nets - kingfish (and other species as well) will hang around the shrimp boats looking for an easy meal.

In East Matagorda Bay the south shoreline might be a good spot to try with something like a Texas Trout (or Redfish) Killer -- or a Rapala Skitter Walk if you're looking for reds.The deeper shell spots and grassy spots along the south shoreline should be good bets with soft plastics. My recommendations - Brown Cedar Cut, Halfmoon Shoal, Cleveland Reef, and the East End.

For West Matagorda Bay you might stick with the south shoreline down around Cotton's and Green's Bayou areas - try using chartreuse and bone Top Dogs or Super Spooks. Oyster Lake has produced some trout this past week on live shrimp under a popping cork. My recommendations - south shoreline around Green's, Airport Flats, South Jetty Pocket, Outer Shell Island, the Wells.

The pier and jetties should be good for whiting, croaker, and sand trout on fresh dead. If you throw live shrimp under a popping cork or croaker, you might bring in some reds or specks, too.

What baits do we like this week? Plum and morning glory looks good for soft plastics and topwaters should be good in the light colors like bone and chartreuse.

And in the meantime - come on down and wet a hook! Enjoy our bays!

Good Luck!

See ya next week,

P.S. I would love to get some feedback from you guys -- are you finding these newsletters helpful? Any suggestions for improvements? Let me know.

This Week's Fishing Reports

Thursday 08/22/02

We had a good day of fishing over in East Matagorda Bay today. We saw lots of nice trout brought in by drift fishermen who drifted over shell reefs using artificials and live shrimp. It was a pretty day offshore today - not many boats out but it was beautiful. Good Day!

Wednesday 08/21/02

The south shoreline of West Matagorda Bay produced a few keeper trout and reds on artificials, but there were lots of small trout caught. There were some keeper trout and reds caught using topwaters and drifting over scattered shell in East Matagorda Bay. A few boats went offshore today and came in with limits of red snapper.

Tuesday 08/20/02

East Matagorda Bay produced trout and a few reds for wadefishermen along the south shoreline using soft plastics. On Monday through Friday the locks are staying closed during the day so they can do some work on them. They won't open them from 7:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. (I may be a little off on the hours, though).

Check out the new pictures on the main page!

Monday 08/19/02

East Matagorda Bay was the ticket today. The south shoreline produced trout and reds for wadefishermen using soft plastics.

Sunday 08/18/02

East Matagorda Bay produced some trout and reds along the south shoreline on artificials. In West Matagorda Bay, the south shoreline produced mostly small-sized trout and reds and a few "keepers". Those who went offshore caught some red snapper but didn't stay out long because it got rough. At the end of the Matagorda jetties, redfish were caught on live/dead bait.

Saturday 08/17/02

No report from West Matagorda Bay, the surf or the jetties. However, offshore had a good day today with plentiful catches of red snapper and ling. The south shoreline of East Matagorda Bay produced nice stringers of trout for wadefishermen. Oyster Lake was a good producer today, too - nice stringers of trout were caught on live shrimp under a popping cork. There was a report of a 27 inch speckled trout being caught there.

Friday 08/16/02

There were catches of trout over in East Matagorda Bay along the south shoreline using live shrimp under a popping cork and artificial lures.

Thursday 08/15/02

Bad weather today - no fishing report.

Kingfisher's Tip of the Week
When drift fishing, move to get the best wind/tide conditions

Work the tides and the current.

The worst situation to have is a wind directly in-line or directly against the tide if you are drift fishing.

Working with the wind will move you too fast and make it difficult to hold the bottom. Drifting against the wind will slow the boat so much that you will not cover ground.

When this situation occurs, consider moving to an area where the wind will be at angles to the current.