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September 11, 2002
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I think your best BITE this week is going to be in the afternoons. We're headed toward a full moon right now but it's going to be overhead early in the night. Tide action will not be very good for most of the week, but the above-normal tides should help to keep the bait moving. I think it'll be a good week for you - with lots of BITES available.

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Mirrolure Saltwater Fishing Lures

Information on surface walkers, floating twitchbaits, sinking twitchbaits, crankbaits, big game trolling lures; site also has color charts, style charts with colors, trolling lure color charts and species chart. Cool!

Atlantic Stingray

The biggest Atlantic Stingray caught on the coast of Texas was in Galveston Bay in 1994 - it weighed 10.75 lb. and was 41.5 inches long. It is the largest one on IGFA records for the whole world.

What sea creatures other than sharks may be dangerous to swimmers?
The barracuda (though divers claim its ferocikous reputation is undeserved), moray eels, octopuses, and sharp-spined sea urchins can be dangerous to swimmers. The Portugese Man-of-War has tentacles up to 50 feet long with specialized cells that produce painful stings and welts on contact by swimmers. Stingrays, toadfish, catfish, and jellyfish can inflict damage on swimmers and waders. Certain coral-reef organisms are to be avoided by divers.

A group of herring is called a seige.

A group of jelly fish is called a smack.


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Redfish Tails

Hi, Guys!

I've been getting lots of good feedback from ya'll - thanks! Because of this feedback, I'm going to be putting out the newsletter on Wednesday nights instead of Thursday nights to give ya'll more planning time, and I'm going to start having a beginner's tip in some of the newsletters. So, keep the feedback coming. I do have one question for ya'll - if any of you receive this newsletter in text format instead of HTML format, please let me know. It will help me get the newsletter to you in the right format.

Well, maybe our weather is finally going to straighten out! Looks like we'll start out the weekend with east winds which will quickly turn to the southeast - and we know what that means -- the south shorelines of both bays look good when the wind is out of the southeast! The winds probably won't be hard enough to mess the bay water up. Our tides are still running above normal down here.

Surf fishing may be good for those of you who are looking to catch a bull redfish - live shrimp under a popping cork or a well-chosen topwater might do the trick.

At the fishing pier and jetties at Matagorda Beach I expect to see catches of redfish, whiting, croaker, and maybe some sand trout - using live bait and dead shrimp.

In East Matagorda Bay the name of the game right now is BIRDS! Fishing underneath diving birds should be good with almost any kind of bait - live or artificials. Just remember - there are lots of fishermen out there so be polite! 8-) The south shoreline should be good down around Three Mile and Kain Cove for reds using live shrimp. This bay will be showing us the most action in the coming week.

West Matagorda Bay should produce trout and reds along the south shoreline using topwaters, live shrimp, and soft plastics. Don't forget that Oyster Lake and Crab Lake can be very productive right now for reds when using live shrimp under a popping cork.

What baits do we like this week? Bone-colored or black w/chartreuse head topwaters, plum or limetreuse soft plastics, live shrimp or mullet, and redfish-colored Skitter Walkers.

And in the meantime - come on down and wet a hook! Enjoy our bays!

Good Luck!

See ya next week,

P.S. I would love to get some feedback from you guys -- are you finding these newsletters helpful? Any suggestions for improvements? Let me know.

This Week's Fishing Reports

Wednesday 09/11/02

Wow - East Matagorda Bay is heating up! Fishing under the birds is great - lots of limits of trout using limetreuse Bass Assassins and jalopeno Norton Sand Eels. Over in Oyster Lake there were redfish being caught on redfish-colored Skitter Walkers and trout being caught on black She-Dogs with a chartreuse head. Good Day!

Tuesday 09/10/02

Fishing is still improving down here. There were some redfish, trout, and flounder caught in scattered locations over in East Matagorda Bay. Tides are still running high and the wind is strong out of the northeast.

Monday 09/09/02

Fishing is picking up a little bit. We did hear of some redfish being caught in Boggy Lake (down Intracoastal Waterway eastward). Wind is a little better, although we did have a lot of rain this morning. Hopefully, the wind will switch around to the northeast and help the tides get back to normal.

By the way, I've had a request to start putting the newsletter out on Wednesday night instead of Thursday, so I'm going to give it a try for a couple of weeks to see how it works out.

Sunday 09/08/02

Fishing continues to be poor to non-existent down here. Today was worse than Friday or Saturday in terms of wind and rain. A very strong easterly wind is blowing - this is causing the above normal tides to be even higher as the wind blows the water. From the road going to the beach we could see big whitecaps out in East Matagorda Bay. It looked like the wave action at the beach! We did see more people out fishing today in areas that can be reached by automobiles. However, late this evening as the sun came out, we saw several boats put in at Matagorda Harbor and head east....but they were tougher than us. It looks like this trend will continue for a couple of days.

Saturday 09/07/02

When we went to bed last night, we expected to wake up right in the middle of a full-fledged storm. Instead, I woke up at 4 a.m., looked out the window and rain and only a little wind. Altogether, we had 1.5 inches of rain here in Matagorda and no problem from the wind. North and east of us, though, was another story. We heard that Sweeny had 22 inches of rain. The Churchill, Lake Jackson, and Freeport areas seem to have had quite of bit of rain and wind. But, the excitement's over, and back to regular fishing reports tomorrow. The only shots I got of water were of areas around Sweeny. Click here to look at flood pictures...

Friday 09/06/02

High tides, wind, rain, pontoon bridge closed to thru traffic - more to come. Winds are gusting to 30 mph tonight with lots of lightning and thunder in the distance. Looks like Fay's gonna knock at our front door!

Thursday 09/05/02

No fishing report because of the rough wind/surf conditions and the storm brewing in the Gulf.

Wednesday 09/04/02

No fishing report - looks like the "stir-up" in the gulf is going to put a damper on fishing for a few days.

Kingfisher's Tip of the Week

When using Top Dogs, you can make a "teaser" for it that gives the fish another target to aim for. Dip some thin aquarium tubing into chartreuse or orange Colorite dye. Then cut and slide the small pieces of plastic onto the rear hook shank. It makes it look like another eye.

Beginner's Tip: Walking the Dog